African Great Lakes 

HROC Rwanda, Covid-19 Relief

The whole world is affected by the Pandemic. Covid-19 has affected countries and communities in different aspects of life such as physical and emotional. This has resulted in many consequences and we are still struggling to take measures to prevent its spread.

Rwanda is also being affected in the same way, especially in the village areas, where so many people only survive on daily work. Now it is hard to find jobs in this difficult time. Through AGLI-Friends Peace Teams, Hroc-Rwanda was able to provide its contribution to the community in Musanze District, Kimonyi Sector. Hroc-Rwanda has received $1500 for food supply to help those in need.

One of the leaders from HIV/AIDS group named MUKANDORI said: “It is hard for us to take medicines without food. This is not only to help us take our medicines, but also to gain more strength.  We really appreciate you so much.”

Also, a lady who was sent by the local authorities said: “I know I have suffered a lot during this time of covid-19: my kids had nothing to eat (she has 5 kids with youngest twins). My leaders tried to distribute the little amount of food they had, but I couldn’t get a chance to have it due to the high number of people who were in need of it like me. I am glad that God kept thinking about me. Now my kids are going to eat and take porridge” (making it from maize flour).

As Hroc Rwanda, we are very glad and thankful to AGLI-Friend Peace Team for enabling us to contribute to the community. We are able to do something to help some families survive during this hard time.  Even if the list above shows only 49 people who signed on the paper, we managed to support 62 people in total. Also some people couldn’t reach the Hroc Center but we reached them in their home.

This means a lot to the community and to us peace activists and healing companion.  It helps people to carry on and continue to build Trust.