African Great Lakes 

HROC Center Construction Update 2020

  Prepared by  Solange Maniraguha, HROC-RWANDA Coordinator, and reviewed by David Bucura

 Solange at the HROC center. On my left, the hall,  behind me,  rooms. On 25th June 2020

HROC Rwanda started building  its Center in the Northern Provinces in 2014. The purpose of the Center is to have a place that can accommodate participants who may come from far, such as those who come for the HROC international training that happens twice a year (with the exception of this year due to Covid-19). The Center will also host participants who come from across the country and stay far away from the place where workshops take place. The Center has 1 hall, 5 single rooms, one listening room and two dormitories. We are planning on also using the Hall as an income generating for the development of the HROC Center after it is done.


  1. We now have our hall almost done. The kitchen is not yet done. We also have unfinished single rooms with no cement on the floor, no doors and windows, and no ceiling.
  2. We have one dorm that is almost done, and is now being used by people who come for HROC international. .

The pictures I am sharing below are for the second dormitory. The donations from Global Giving are being used to build the pre ceiling, and do the cementing for the floors. We are hoping that this dormitory will be completed soon.

Next steps

*With hope, we will be finishing the unfinished dormitory and hope to share the good news with you soon.

*For our second construction phase, we plan on starting with the single rooms. This will include putting on doors and windows. Then it will be ready for the third phase and so on depending on  the incomes (Donations, AGLI support, accommodation fees after the IT)

With your partnership, we hope to have a healed community.