African Great Lakes 

HROC Basic Workshop with Youth

By Maniraguha  Solange

Group photo after the workshop

Brief description of need for workshop: These young people needed the workshop. They are not at school due to the Covid-19. They are forced to get married due to this difficult life. Some have lost their parents, some got pregnant during this period. They are Christians, and keep asking themselves why this happening to us (them) as Christians…

Day 1:

  1. Understanding Trauma
  2. Causes of Trauma
  3. Symptoms of Trauma
  4. Consequences of Trauma

Day 2:

  1. Loss, Grief and Mourning
  2. Stages of Grief
  3. Healing from Trauma
  4. Anger and Anger caused by Trauma

Day 3:

  1. Trust Walk
  2. Tree of Mistrust
  3. Tree of Trust

Magnifique: I have been living with a wound for so long, and my healing process starts here. She said. Thank you for coming here HROC team

Noheli: I appreciate HROC so much for thinking about us, I  got help by everything here. I use to judge others without considering what they gone through into their lives. I know the meaning of MOURNING for our loved ones, and I am going to build up my broken TRUST.

Angelique: I am traumatized. I didn’t know until I come here to this workshop. I have lost so many people and I am so much wounded. I will get healed and I believe so.

David: Thank you so much HROC for coming to the village youth. We live with so much confusion, but you made it clear. I learned how to listen to others, and believe that this workshop will help me through the journey of healing. Thank you!