African Great Lakes  

HROC Apprentice Workshops

HROC Basic Workshops in Karongi

Dates: 22nd-24th/7/2019
Place: Karongi
Facilitators: Tessy Onuwa Anthony, Paul Nul Manyok,Simon Ekai,Philip Quoqui,Solange NYIRAMANA UWASE, Solange MANIRAGUHA as interpreter
Participants: There were a total of 16 participants, 9 women and 7 men. Many were farmers from the surrounding area. Additionally, many of the participants were diagnosed HIV positive. Out of the 16 participants, there were 6 husband and wife couples.

Why this group of participants? These are people that are suffering from trauma and its effects and long consequences. They are deeply wounded. Most of them have so many causes of trauma, and had suffered from trauma for so long time.

Testimonies from Participants:

  • During the gathering, an old woman shared that the only person that loves her is God. As the day continued, however, she looked as if she wanted to share more but was holding herself back. During the personal reflection exercise, she briefly shared that she lost her entire family and became overwhelmed with the emotion. She exited the workshop to debrief with a facilitator before entering again. On the last day, she stated that she trusts her husband. When asked how this workshop has helped her, she said ”I am starting to let go of all the hatred I have”.
  • There was another woman in the workshop who facilitators observed to be quiet and not as active as others in regards to sharing or contributing. Throughout the workshop, facilitators gently encouraged her to contribute but she remained quiet for the most part. On the last day, when asked what she learned from the workshop, she shared how she would leave the world because she thought people would judge her for her stories, but she realized the importance of sharing with others. Lastly, she stated how she realized how carrying that much hatred could be harmful.
HROC Basic Workshops in Karongi 2

Dates: 22nd to 24th July 2019
Facilitators: Ajak John Manyang, Amer Deng Ayom, Peter Onyango Olwal, Safia Jama, Peter Serete as lead facilitator and Bonheur as an Interpreter.
Participants: 16, 8males and 8 females

Brief description of the participants: Participants came from different areas from around from Karongi. They are HIV/AIDS positive. Most of them were married couples. Most of them are also farmers. Some of them come from a long distance (were travelling by boat to attend the workshop).

Why this HROC basic workshop: They needed this workshop to recognize and understand how they can heal from trauma and live longer and healthier lives if they care for themselves through the trauma healing process.


Musanze HROC Basic Workshop

Introduction: After being trained in the HROC IT, to prepare new HROC facilitators. This is one of the three groups that were to do apprentice workshops.
Dates: 22nd to 24/07/2019
Place: Musanze-Nyamagumba
Participants:16 all woman
Facilitators: Leon Mkangya Alenga, Harushimana Augustin, Furaha Joyce Croiyance, Adrien Alubaelo, Lianness Lung’aho, Francois Nzirorera(lead facilitator), Mukazayire Immaculee as an interpreter.

Description of the participants and why they needed this workshop:
These are widows from one of the Evangelical Friends Church members., from the same area, of Musanze District. They have been living with trauma for so many years, and couldn’t find any way to help them express their grief.


1.Devotha NYIRANTUYENABO: I use to blame and isolate myself, for living with other woman that have their husband, and could even feel bad when they start talking. I even use to stop my children from playing with theirs. Now I know it’s because I am traumatized, and thank you for helping me realize my trauma. I am going to start changing some of the things I use to do to help myself.

2.Noella: Know I know what trauma is, and its consequences. I have lost my husband 6 months back, and use to cry a lot, but in hiding because I thought crying is a sign of weakness. Thank you so much, for helping me to help myself.

3. Francoise MUKANDORI: These three day of the workshop brought me back to a joy in my life. I use to keep quiet when facing a problem. I didn’t know that sharing is healing. I am feeling released after sharing with you.

15th HROC IT, Basic workshop:10th to 12th, July 2019

Dates: 10th-12th, July,2019
Place: Musanze-HROC Center
Participants: 15(13 IT participants+2 from the community)
Facilitators: UWIMANA Julienne, Peter Serete, MANIRAGUHA Solange, Shelly Stratton, MUKAZAYIRE Immaculate as interpreter

Introduction: Before the TOT takes place, all IT participants had to attend a HROC basic workshop as part of the training. It gave them the chance to start realizing how healing processes impact peoples lives. Also, participants are able to learn how they will facilitate the workshop in the third week if the training. In the workshop, there is a mixture of different cultures, backgrounds, realities, and many realize how people can be traumatized from different life experiences.
Facilitators comments: It was a very good learning experience (10 Countries were gathered). People need time and space to talk (security).
Challenges: The language barrier was still an issue, when people are sharing. Three languages in the room was a challenge.


  • A young lady shared her testimony saying that she is extremely grateful for HROC letting her attend this workshop as she needed to talk but didn’t know how and where. She said that she kept all of the bad experience from the Genocide against Tutsis inside her for 25 years. She used to be sad and feel hopelessness, but the workshop helped her to understand the meaning of surviving.
  • Onyango also shared the importance of sharing his grief since he was a child, and that the workshop helped him to go back into his life and make his journey. Though it felt heavy for him to recall his background and share it, he found it to be a healing process. Thank you HROC.
  • Another Rwandan young man said: “I used to not like anybody though I pretend to help other traumatized people. My father carried me on his back when I was a little after my mother died during the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda. My father had become a father and a mother at once. Now you helped me to remember how I am a lucky person, who went through a lot but a big man now. You helped me mourn for my mother who died 25 years ago. People use to tell me that I look like her so much. I want to make her proud that she gave birth to a strong man” Thank you so much HROC. I want to go back and start plant the tree of trust in my community because it is still small”