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How We Conducted an Online Transforming Power Session

By Kins Aparece

On May 1, 2020, from 4:00-6:00 pm, we conducted a two-hour online Transforming Power session with 25 participants from four countries. We sent invitations via google calendar that included the zoom link and a list of things to do to prepare for the workshop.  Cyril, Frence, Jonel, and I did online team building before facilitating the workshop. On the workshop day, we did the following: 

Welcoming & Technical Testing (10)

We asked participants to come ten minutes early for informal check in, technical orientation, and reminders. 

Stopping (10 minutes)

For proper transition and grounding, we opened with some silence, letting go, and opening to transforming power.

Opening (15) 

We asked each person to say their affirmation name and one peace tool I practiced this week. To give more time for each participant to share, we divided into two breakout groups.  

Agenda Preview (3)

We shared the agenda on the chat line for reference, and read it out loud.

Transforming Power Guide (40)

  •     Facilitator shared the whiteboard on their screen for the brainstorm of violence and nonviolence.
  •     In the whole group, we introduced the Transforming Power guides. 
  •     In breakout groups of four people, they clarified the TP Guides and chose which numbers they wished to discuss in the whole group.
  •     In the whole group, we discussed the TP Guides that needed further explanation or understanding.

Starting with the mandala (25)

  • We shared the mandala pieces on screen. 
  • In breakout groups of four, they each selected a mandala piece that they chose and why. 
  • In the whole group, we discussed how do the pieces work well together to practice peace? (Start with the inner circle of respect for self and care for others, then the three in the outer circle.)
  • Debrief by writing in our individual journals implications in our lives, then discussing in the whole group what we noticed and implications for us as a people.

Break (5)

Personal Commitment (5): In individual journal, we wrote on: “my commitment to peace and practice transforming power in my private and public life.”

Reflection (10): On the chat line, participants wrote what they liked, didn’t like, and any suggestions for the team.

Closing (5) A gift I want to give the group. 

The two-hour Friday workshop series started on April 17, 24, and May 1, 2020.  To support the participants in finishing the AVP Basic Workshop, we will schedule the remaining sessions by invitation only.