African Great Lakes – April 2021

In Loving Memory of Gladys Kamonya and David Zarembka

Gladys Kamonya and David Zarembka

The Friends Peace Teams community is deeply sadden by the news first of Gladys Kamonya’s death and then, very shortly thereafter, the death of her husband, David Zarembka, both from COVID. David was the founder of the African Great Lakes Initiative. David’s obituary, tributes, remembrances, photos, and details for several memorial services are posted on

Two online memorial meetings will be held. The first on Saturday, April 24th, hosted by Bethesda Meeting (Maryland, USA) at 1pm Eastern (USA), inviting people to join as early as 12:30pm Eastern with a slide show. Zoom details and RSVP are here. The second memorial meeting will be on Saturday, May 8th at 9am Central (USA), with Zoom details and RSVP here. And an in-person memorial meeting by the Lumakanda Friends Church of Lugari Yearly Meeting, Kenya, is planned for April 2022, on the anniversary of David’s and Gladys’ passing.