Peacebuilding en Las Américas

Gladys Cedeño: Need for an Awareness and Conscientiousness of What Peace Means, Colombia 

by Gladys Cedeño, Western Coordinator AVP Colombia

The peace agreement is a starting point to work from families on increasing awareness and conscientiousness of what peace means.

The changes that are coming for our region, which is close to the areas of armed conflict, will initially be unfavorable changes due to the increase in a population that is unemployed and the violence will increase. But, for our part is the beginning of a profound and comprehensive work of peace and nonviolence. This generates the need to plant peace, to know strategies and alternatives in all of the ways and educational institutions.  It is already starting. They have already seen the necessity to facilitate nonviolence workshops.

The necessity for AVP is very large but also you have to keep in mind that one large weakness of AVP in Colombia in this time is the lack of available facilitators in both time and ability to travel. We are working internally on this. In the latest six workshops that we have done, we are involving new facilitators to prepare them. How are we going to do it? In all of the spaces that require it.

This is the best time to make AVP more visible in the country.