African Great Lakes 

Gicumbi Women Crafts

By Mukamanzi Therese

The women’s CRAFT and ART GROUP, called INGANJI, is in Gicumbi district, Byumba sector at Gacurabwenge cell. The members were only women, but after seeing what the women needed, we decided to add youth.  We added two youth who have talents which will facilitate the group in economic development and success in the market. The youth that we added are Claire ISHIMWE and Fidele ZIRIKANA, making 15 members of INGANJI group.

ISHIMWE Claire, a young woman, is a tailor. She makes a lot of crafts, including sweaters, shoes and other products. ZIRIKANA Fidele, a young man, has been an artist ever since he was in primary school in 2011. The stories Fidele has makes him a huge help to the society for building peace, for learning history, and for entertainment. Fidele normally relies on women’s crafts to help him to access the products he uses in his artistic work like paintings, bottles, pines, and other products. Both of them have big dreams, and we are happy they joined the INGANJI group.

At the end, INGANJI has 15 members, fourteen women and one young man. All of them have the same vision for sustainable development and the same targets for achieving their goals.  We hope to find a market for more of their CRAFTS AND ART products.


Here Claire was in the sewing room in Byumba town where she always goes when she has orders from customers because no one in the group has a sewing machine.

AGLI Coordinator  BUCURA David visited INGANJI CRAFTS AND ARTS GROUP to see ISHIMWE Claire and her products which you can see in the above photos. The first picture symbolizes fruits like carrot, onion, cabbage and so on.  The second picture shows the president of the group, Pascasie  AYINKAMIYE, Supervisor of TLC Therese  MUKAMANZI  and David BUCURA.  All have shoes Ishimwe made in their hands, and you can see a sweater made in thread that Bucura holds across his arm.

Fidele ZIRIKANA.  

Here Fidel was in art action in the first picture.  The second picture shows the Supervisor of TLC who was visiting the INGANJI craft and art group and Fidele ZIRIKANA. The problem is that there are few customers here in Gicumbi.