Asia West Pacific – November 2018

Garden Reading in Peace Place, Pati, Indonesia

By Petrus

Peace Place began to develop a reading garden. Currently it is in a 3 x 4 meter parking space that is arranged openly.

The aim is to provide reading books for Joglo’s children and parents when they are dropping their children off or picking them up from school,  for children around the Peace Place who sometimes play in the playground in the afternoon, and for guests who come to visit Peace Place.

The reading garden has been opened since September 2018. The books have themes of education, peace, health, child development, information on early childhood education, Islam, Christianity and also Quaker interpretation leaflets that have been printed in two languages (Indonesian, English). Some books were donations from international training participants in January 2018 and some others were brought by Nadine Hoover.

Peace Place still needs some books, especially books that support children’s development, give techniques to mentoring children, and provide value to children and parents.

The hope is that this reading garden can provide books that support the needs of parents, teachers, children and the surrounding community, including visitors who come to Peace Place. In addition to the needs of the book, it is also structuring and expanding the reading garden to make it more comfortable when reading.

Tika, Bidara’s mother, Joglo’s child when picking
child up, November 2019. Photographer : Nanik.

Alsya, Serli, Adit (Children around the Peace Place)
and Nanik, November 2018. Photograper: Petrus.