African Great Lakes 

Friends Women’s Association (FWA) December 2019 Report

Caring for HIV Positive People (CHIVPP)

During this month of December 2019, medical follow up and home visits were done for our HIV positive people.

Maternity Ward Building

FWA members have organized themselves to complete the walls of the second story. The pictures below show the progress of our building project.

The bill of the next steps appears as follows:

  • frame: $4,000
  • 120 Iron Sheets: $2760 (23$/sheet)

In the month of December 2019, we were able to raise some funds for this building project through the Global Giving Foundation. These will be used for iron sheets. Now, we need $4000 for the rafters and $726 for the iron sheets

Improving Women’s Reproductive Health (IWRH)

FWA community health workers and FWA staff have continued to educate men, women and young people on the importance of family planning.

Rape Survivors’ Support (RSS)

One three-day trauma healing workshop was done on December 26-28, 2019. At the end of December 2019, we had a total of 61 self-help groups for a total of 1435 women. The new building is now hosting the SHGs weekly meetings.

My name is Joselyne. I have been traumatized by what my husband is always doing to me. I have now blood pressure because of what my husband is doing to me. I have six children. One day he came back home with a second wife, and he asked me to leave my home together with all my six children. As I refused, he cut me on my neck with a machete. Another day, I received a phone call from my concubine. She told me, “Come and take your dead body”. Actually, my husband had a very serious accident. We stayed at the hospital for three years. He is now disabled. I do my best to feed him. But, in order to give me thanks, he is always insulting me. This is my first day to tell people how I live with my husband. I have been very quiet because I feel I have suffered a lot.

Action on Gender-Based Violence (AGBV)

During the month of December 2019, two workshops on trauma healing were done for a total of 40 participants.

One public event was organized in Nyabiraba commune, Bujumbura province to raise awareness against GBV.


159 cases were consulted by our medical doctors, including 58 adults (27 women and 31 men), 21 children (13 girls and 8 boys), 69 HIV positive people and 11 pregnant women for ultrasound. The nurse received 270 patients including 187 adults and 83 children.

December 10-13, 2019 was a mother-child week. Ntaseka clinic was one of the vaccination centers as usual. We had a total of 2380 children (1297 girls and 1093 boys) and 160 pregnant women. 666 children aged between 6 and 11 months were given Vitamin A, 1714 aged between 12 months and 59 months were given both Vitamin A and Albendazole, and 612 were given praziquantel.


In the month of December 2019, apart from HIV voluntary testing, there were a total of 247 tests.


355 people received contraceptives from FWA’s nurse, including 249 old cases and 106 new ones. 303 received the contraceptive injection, 25 were given pills, 24 received male condoms, and 3 received implant.


In the month of December 2019, 31 women came for prenatal consultation (PNC), including 8 who came for PNC 1, 5 for PNC 2 and 9 for PNC 3 and 9 for PNC 4

11 pregnant women came for the ultrasound test.


At the end of December 2019, we had 330 patients under retro drugs followed at NTASEKA clinic, including 267 women and 63 men.


Regarding medications, FWA was able to purchase the minimum needed medicine.


In the month of December 2019, a total of 65 people received pre and post HIV test counseling and were tested for HIV. Out of the total number, 54% were women and the one person detected HIV positive was a woman, with 2% of seropositivity.