African Great Lakes  

Friends Women’s Association Medical Consultations

by Friends Women’s Association


169 cases were consulted by our medical doctors, including 39 children, 79 adults and 51 HIV positive people (24 under ARVs treatment came for medical consultation for various pathologies, one case was found HIV positive and was put under ARVs treatment, one case for retesting and 25 cases for biological follow up/viral load). The nurse received 284 patients including 194 adults and 90 children.

June 25-28, 2019 was a mother-child week. Ntaseka clinic was one of the vaccination centers as usual. We had a total of 3174 children (1703 girls and 1471 boys) and 171 pregnant women. Among the 3174, 114 children aged between 6 and 11 months were given Vitamin A, 1750 aged between 12 months and 59 months were given both Vitamin A and Albendazole, and 1310 aged between 5 years and 14 years were given Albendazole.


In the month of June 2019, apart from HIV voluntary testing, there were a total of 219 tests.


377 people received contraceptives from FWA’s nurse, including 247 old cases and 130 new ones. 313 received the contraceptive injection, 36 were given pills, 7 received implants, one received UID and 20 were given male condoms.


In the month of June 2019, 32 women came for prenatal consultation (PNC), including 11 who came for PNC 1, 16 for PNC 2 and 4 for PNC 3 and 1 for PNC 4  


At the end of June 2019, we had 312 patients under retro drugs followed at NTASEKA clinic, including 251 women and 61 men. 


Regarding medications, FWA had all necessary medicines for the month of May 2019.


In the month of June 2019, a total of 23 people received pre and post HIV test counseling and were tested for HIV. Out of the total number, 78% were women and among the two people who were found HIV positive, one of them was a woman with 9% of seropositivity.