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From Sustainable to Regenerative Design by Daniel Wahl

Hi everyone,

Here is a lovely 1.5 minute video, From Sustainable to Regenerative Design, by Daniel Wahl on Regenerative Culture. This is what we have begun to call the next step in our work, creating Regenerative Cultures of Peace integrating ecological and social peace and justice. He is referring, however, to the detailed work of converting the structures of our lives into regenerative designs.

He points out the move from green (tweeks), to sustainable (100% less bad), to restorative (replenish, but maintain dominance), to reconciliatory (humans as part of nature), to regenerative (human participating as nature—co-evolution of whole systems).

We encourage everyone to learn and think about how to make regenerative design shifts in all of our private and public lives, decisions and actions. I attended a Regenerative Somatics exercise group recently that was fabulous. Yeah for the next generation!

Peace is possible!