African Great Lakes 

Food Distribution to AVP and HROC Facilitators in Goma

Prepared by Facilitators Team : North Kivu

On behalf of the North Kivu / DRC facilitation, we appreciate our partner AGLI, for having  thought of us, by providing  some food during this period of crisis caused by the eruption of the Nyiragongo volcano in the city of Goma.

We bought food to distribute to 10 facilitators, 100 liters of vegetable oil, 250Kg of corn flour and 150Kg of beans including 15kg of beans, 25Kg of flour and 10 liters. Not only  that where 10 beneficiaries were distributed as follows according to the program.


  • The prices of products  raising  in the markets to compared to what we expected caused by the crisis.
  • Out of 45 facilitators, we only served 10 due to insufficient food;
  • A good number of people  victims of the crisis in the host families are not yet served either by humanitarian organizations or by the government.

We recommend that the AGLI coordination team continue to advocate to see if we can reach to serve all 45 facilitators of the AVP and HROC programs and meet certain needs of a part of the victim population not yet assisted by humanitarian organizations or by the government.