Peacebuilding en Las Américas – May 2019

Peace Comes From Me: Facilitator Training in Zacamil, El Salvador

By Salomón Medina Fuentes, AVP El Salvador Coordinator

Every AVP workshop contributes to the integral formation of those who participate. Facilitating a workshop for new facilitators is a challenge that encourages us to give what we have received in some way to the private and public spaces in which we live. At the same time, we are also challenged to be coherent and consistent to experience Peace in the midst of an atmosphere of violence.

Practicing and recognizing the principles of Transforming Power in our lives helps us to contribute so that our lives, families, communities, communities of faith, municipalities, country, region and world are better places to live. It also gives us the possibility to serve and be an example of change for the better.

We are pleased to share the testimonies of the people who participated in this Training Workshop, who are now members of the AVP El Salvador Facilitation Team!

“I learned to be a facilitator and to give my heart. I liked everything: the dynamics, learning to lead them and be able to participate in them. It has meant a lot to me because I have learned to develop as a leader and that makes me be more hopeful in moving forward. It is something I had wanted to learn for a long time, but I knew it was in God’s time.”
“I learned the art and discipline of facilitating and planning each session. I liked the dynamism, the transparency with which the facilitators directed the workshop, the food. This is the workshop I was looking for! It is my desire to facilitate and grasp experience soon.”
“I learned to listen. I liked the unity because I felt important to the community. Thanks to everyone for helping me. I feel encouraged. Thank you Holy Spirit! Thank you, facilitators! It has been a very beautiful experience for me.
“I learned to work on a team, to listen to the opinion of each one. I liked the participation we had as facilitators. Transforming Power will help me a lot in my daily life.”