7th International
Peace Training

for citizen leaders to oppose violence and create cultures of peace

:  January 9-22, 2020

Where: Peace Place, Pati, Central Java, Indonesia

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2020 Schedule

9-23, 2020

1/09             Arrive at the Semarang Airport, Central Java, Indonesia
1/10              Visiting
1/11              Opening: Affirmation
1/12              Empowerment: Safety & Transforming Power
1/13              Community: Communication & Cooperation
1/14              Resiliency: Remembering & Reconnection
1/15              Community Visits
1/16              Power: Confidence
1/17              Power: Conviction
1/18              Liberation: Liberty & Transformation
1/19              Discernment: Feedback & Consensus of Conscience
1/20-21        Mornings: School observation
afternoons   Afternoons: Power of Goodness event training
1/22              Depart from the Semarang Airport, Central Java, Indonesia
1/23-29        AWP leadership visits

Last Year’s Training

  • Took place in six languages simultaneously: English, Indonesian, Filipino, Korean, and Russian.
  • Participants came from ten countries: Indonesia, West Papua, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, Philippines,  Aotearoa/NZ, Australia, Chechnya, UK, and the US.
  • Everyone went home with better tools, inspired and equipped to reinvigorate peace and nonviolence movements at home; practice the basic principles of peace and  permaculture at home and communities.
  • Follow-up has continued through internet consultations

What people are saying…

I am grateful for the life-changing International Peace Training I experienced in Indonesia; for the many opportunities I had to grow as a person, immersed in the Power of Goodness stories; accompanying young children and learning with them, and for the hands-on exposure to permaculture.

I am confident I can consciously implement the changes necessary for peace in my life; thus keeping me connected to those life-giving experiences…I needed to co-create courage with those around me.
-Courageous Claudia, Australia

I have now attended this AVP training twice. However, the experience I got was very different each time. In the first training, I got many valuable stories from everyone’s experience. In the second training, there were people who were the same, but there were also new people and they all came with new experiences which all enriched me. There is so much good work in me that I have to show.
-Talented Thea, West Papua

Can’t Join Us? Consider Offering a Scholarship.

Please consider funding scholarships for peace worker from around Asia and the West Pacific. We need:


Send US checks to 1001 Park Ave, St Louis, MO 63104. Australian funds to FPT-AWP, BSB 032 086 Acct 366770 SWIFT WPACAU2S (memo: AWP/Int’l Peace Training).

US$275 for 16 global residential participants = US $4,400

US$100 for 18 local commuter participants = US $1,800

Travel assistance for local Indonesian peace workers from Barak Induk, Jogjakarta, Semarangand for global peace workers and international facilitators from Aotearoa/New Zealand, Philippines, Korea, Russia, UK and the USA = US$8,700

Total of US$14,900

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