Peacebuilding en Las Américas

PAN/PAV Peace Baskets: Emmanuel Lopez Starts a Small Business Selling Donuts

by Emanuel Lopez, AVP Honduras

Using the flour he received from the PAN/PAV Peace Baskets, Emanuel Lopez began a small business baking and selling donuts in his community to help his family during the pandemic. Emanuel is a 20-year-old student living in La Ceiba, Honduras with his mother and little sister. His mother can no longer work due to health issues, so he has found a resourceful way to make money using the Peace Basket he received as a base. 

Good morning, my name is Emanuel Lopez, I am 20 years old. I live in Honduras, La Ceiba, Atlántida in Colonia Casa Blanca. I live with my mother and my little sister. I want to give, first of all, thanks to God for another day of living. It is only thanks to God that we are alive. Secondly, I want to thank the people who are helping us with the food being brought to us. In this moment it is a great help for us because of the situation that we are experiencing due to the pandemic. I live only with my mom and little sister. I don’t live with my father. Since I was young, I have only lived with my mother and she has done everything she can to help us move forward. Now, she cannot work. She is sick and has been operated on three times because of her thyroid. Due to this, she cannot work and it is up to me to help my family go forward. I am a student and it is my last year studying computer science. If God permits, I will graduate.

Like I said, I give thanks to you for helping us because it is a great help for us. In our house sometimes we go hungry. Sometimes we can eat on time and other times we can’t. Sometimes we only have tortillas and beans to eat. There are times when I have to go to my neighbor’s house and ask them for mangos to be able to eat on time. My family and I are very grateful to you for helping us. With the food that you have given us, I have started a micro-business selling donuts. Yesterday, I sold my first donuts. Like I said, my family and I are very grateful for your help.