We will not make peace with each other until we make peace with the Earth. – M. Dahlan, 2014

We recognize that practicing peace with the earth is an essential part of practicing peace with each other. We know peace thrives where human beings have the liberty to act in accord with love and conscience. We nurture our inward spiritual life, reflect that inward spirit in our outward life, and bear witness for our society and generations to come. Based on mutual discernment, we support a variety of direct actions and people’s movements for ecological and social justice.

We engage in mutual discernment on how we can act together for peace. The results lead us to a wide variety of activities, organized around people, place, and needs rather than around any specific “activity”. We lean towards the discernment of people most familiar with the situation. They test their discernment, however, with local companions, knowledgeable people, and globally-experienced people. Engaging mutual discernment connects communities committed to love and conscience across the globe.

Emergency Faith Delegation to Honduras – The visit was in support of Padre Melo, a Jesuit who directs Radio Progreso an important alternative source of information. The station takes an active anti-’continuismo’ stance, that is, they reject the results of the re-election of Juan Orlando Hernandez (JOH), who was inaugurated on Jan. 27th. 

When affirmed by mutual discernment, we may engage in a variety of activities, for example: deliver eye glasses or rough-terrain wheelchairs, support health care, empower women and children, organize phone trees to avert election violence, invest in simple security, challenge illegal logging and oil palm plantations, stop whale shark feeding, provide relief in disaster zones, or defend vulnerable, oppressed people and lands.

In the month of February 2020, African Great Lakes Initiative’s partner Friends Women’s Association (FWA) raised funds through the Global Giving Platform to support 11 families from Buterere whose houses collapsed due to the flood. 

Beyond our activities or programs, we support people’s movements for justice, for example:  Children of Peace in Uganda, Children Nepal, Free West Papua, Friends Women’s Association of Burundi, National Land Rights Forum of Nepal, Peace Place in Pati, Indonesia, People’s  Attorneys of the Philippines, Save Jeju Island, Peacebuilding UK, Little Star’s Women’s Empowerment in Russia.

The Peace and Life March it is held every summer for one week to walk around Jeju Island, Korea, to call for the demilitarized of our Island.

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