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Connecting Personal Transformation with Social Transformation: DDalgi’s Reflection on Creating Cultures of Peace

By DDalgi, Jeju Island, Korea

Dynamic Ddalgi standing right with Jeju Participants

This is Dynamic DDalgi. I’m in Jeju with a cold wind. Cold and strong wind is going on until March in Jeju.
My condition is getting better and I didn’t cough anymore today, since 29th January!

It is almost a week since I came back to Korea. I try to remember Cultures of Peace workshop, but it is too hard. I didn’t attend half because I was sick, but my friends of Jeju they remember and share with me. How wonderful!

I want to say thank you so much to all the friends, facilitators and team in Indonesia.

Cultures of Peace workshop was a big challenge for me. First is English, second is discharge of emotion. I joined the social peace movement almost 20 years ago. I always felt angry with the world and with people. So many people are oppressed by capitalism and government ,but there are only a few people in solidarity with the oppressed. I was upset all the time. I had to be a strong and smart person, because there were so many enemies, the police, government officers, court, etc… At that time I always pretended, “I am okay.” But I’m not okay!

I was afraid to express my feelings and my stories of trauma. It was difficult for me. I couldn’t try to discharge because emotion always confused me. Confusion makes me uncomfortable. So I ran away from my emotions, always.

Maybe I was sick from my mind, nervous, afraid, anxious. This made me sick on day three. I realized my mind was causing this, so I try to discharge my emotions myself, alone. But others came around me. I could feel the difference. It took a whole day, but then I could join the workshop again with courage.

I understand about myself after Cultures of Peace workshop. I feel more comfortable discharging my emotions. As I know more about myself, I can make stronger connections with society and community. Now, I can really understand the connection between personal transformation and social transformation. When I feel liberated myself, I can imagine a society liberated, by love and conscience.

Such a long journey, but I don’t give up. Practice, fail, practice again. I can try again, that’s it. Thank you for all your warm energy to me. Your warm and good companion energy touched my heart and helped me heal. I cannot forget all the beautiful eyes.

Respect and love to Cultures of Peace friends.
Take care, and see you again someday.
From DDalgi