Creating Cultures of Peace

a movement of love and conscience
for teens and young adult citizen leaders and their allies
working for peaceful homes, communities and societies
An Alternatives to Violence Project Adaptation

Come as you are!

Inviting teens and adults who believe peace and justice are possible and are working for it, both ecological and social. 
Peace is possible. We can create cultures of peace but need the tools, courage and creativity to do it!

Creating Cultures of Peace Training
Practice tools for creating cultures based on ecological and social justice
August 1-9, 2020
Buffalo, New York
$280/person training and $170/person for food (3 meals/day)
limited number of home stays available

Facilitators: Nadine Hoover, Autumn Star, Fenna Mandolang, Cecilia Yocum, Sophia Roberts
Sponsors: Friends Peace Teams and Quaker Religious Education Collaborative
Register: Send a brief bio and letter of interest to Nadine Hoover, please mention actions you’re involved in for peace and justice and your collaborators.

To Prepare:
  • Experiment listening to love and conscience or the Living Spirit and taking action or speaking up for peace and justice in your life and community.
  • Start a journal to document this experiment: what you try, what works and what does not, insights, guidance, questions, decisions, and actions.
  • Find companions who share this commitment and meet regularly to support one another.
  • Purchase Creating Cultures of Peace from to read as well as read the website.