Creating Cultures of Peace

a movement of love and conscience
for teens and young adult citizen leaders and their allies
working for peaceful homes, communities and societies
An Alternatives to Violence Project Adaptation

Come as you are!

Inviting teens, young adults and their allies who believe peace and justice are possible and are working for it, both ecological and social.
    1. Experiment with love and conscience (the Living Spirit) and actively stand up for peace and justice in your life and community.
    2. Start a journal to document this experiment, what you try, what works and what does not, insights, guidance, questions, decisions, and actions. Find companions who share this commitment and meet regularly to support one another.
    3. Purchase Creating Cultures of Peace from to read as well as the website to see applications.
    4. Join a facilitated online learning community the second and fourth Sundays on Zoom — 7:00 – 9:30p Eastern; 6:00-8:30p Central; 5:00-7:30 Mountain; and 4:00-6:30p Pacific time. Donations welcome.
    5. Travel to Buffalo, NY, August 1-9, 2020 for experiential training sessions to learn together and have studio time to work on our own projects and applications ($170/person).

Come as you are! We affirm the goodness and capability in each person, and understand everyone’s journey is different. We practice changing ourselves in both our private and public lives as we resist violence and create regenerative cultures of peace.

Register: Send a brief bio and letter of interest to Lily and Nadine. If any, please mention actions you’re involved in for peace and justice and who your companions are in this work.