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Crafting a ‘Life’ Guide from Peace Place Pati: 7th International Cultures of Peace Training Reflection

By Jean Celeste Paredes (Happy Hedz), Philippines

Jean Celeste Paredes, a Filipina participant in the 7th International Cultures of Peace Training wrote her own “instruction for life” at a personal and public level. This is part of her commitment for change towards love and conscience.

  1. Recognize your worth. There is nothing that can make you less worthy.
  2. Work on what you can. Learn to say no to yourself or other people when needed.
  3. Be public when needed. Push for an agenda. Take a side. It is boring in the middle.
  4. Stop. Smell the flowers, hear the wind. Identify the colors around you. See people’s smiles. It is a great life. Bad days are never conclusive.
  5. Ask for help. There are a lot of people who would be willing to help out. Sometimes, you just have to ask.
  6. Love. Life’s woven and interconnected with love for nature and people. Show this love to other and the Earth.
  7. Stop feeling trapped. There is incredible power in feeling and living free. Let go of hurts and pains that are haunting you. Let go of happiness and achievements that trap you. Life never ceases to give things we can treasure or learn. Do not hold on or hold back for too long.
  8. Forgive yourself and others. There is no other better gift you can give yourself   than freeing yourself from grudges of the past or setting yourself free from things that haunt you.
  9. Embrace change. Things constantly change. Let go of the things of the past and savor the present.
  10. Live. Every day is an experience. Life is only worth it when we actually live it.