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Food Distribution in Gicumbi District During COVID-19 in July 2020

In July 2020, Friends World Consultation Committee (FWCC) supported Ntaseka clinic to avail medical staff to get uniforms. Officially in the August 2020, 13 medical staff from FWA got the uniforms including two medical doctors, three nurses, two health mediators, two accountants, one laboratory technician, one social worker and two support staff.  This support plays very important role for COVID-19 prevention.

One of the medical staff at Ntaseka clinic called Augustin Harushimana said that FWCC has supported us to protect both ourselves and our families. Actually, when we arrive at the service, we take off our own clothes and we put on the uniform from FWCC. After work, we wash our hands and take off the uniform, and then we wear our own clothes and go back home.  This enables us to fight against COVID-19 in our families as well as in our friends.  We are highly appreciated for the support from FWCC.

 Also John Gould Family Foundation has supported Ntaseka clinic through Life Net International Burundi by giving 200 KN, 95 masks and 500 surgical masks.