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Community ‘Empowerment’ workshop: A photo story from Nepal

by Subhash Chandra, Nepal Coordinator, FPT AWP

From August 20-22, 16 citizen leaders gathered in Hetauda, located 27.3 miles away from Kathmandu, Nepal, for a Creating Cultures of Peace (CCP) – Empowerment workshop. Subhash and Kedar Acharya co-facilitated the workshop. Kedar works as Program Manager at Child Welfare Nepal and was one of the participants of the CCP training in Nepal in November 2017.

Self-affirmation: Sumitra Kafle (right) and Sukirti Acharya (left) sharing self-affirmation on 21st August. Sumitra is the Chair of Red Cross in Hetauda city, serves as District Committee member of Nepal Communist Party among her other active social involvements. Sukriti is a registered nurse, now looking forward for her future career.

Affirmation: Tara (right) and Suman (left) are practicing affirmation on 20th August. Tara has been serving for more than a decade at a safe house where severely sexually abused young girls are sheltered. Suman works for Child Welfare Nepal to teach kids from economically disadvantaged families in the community.

Turning points in our real life stories of nonviolence on 21st August: Kanchhi, Devendra and Sanumaya (from right to left) are exploring and listing their turning points in their stories- ‘A conflict I solved nonviolently’. Kancchi lives in a safe house; Devendra works as Education Coordinator for Child Welfare Nepal and Sanumaya Coordinates the safe house in which Kanchhi has been living.

Good Companions: Rekha (right) and Sanumaya (left) are practicing being good companions. Rekha and Sanumaya both serve in a safe house where 18 girls from age 6 to 18 are housed.

Let us know each other better — Affirmation in Pairs: Bhim (left) and Kedar (right) on 20th August. Bhim works with Child Welfare Nepal. He has been directly involved in rescuing hundreds of trafficked young Nepalese girls from labor circuses and sex trade.

 Let us practice good listening and clear, concrete and skillful communication: group participating in Concentric Circles on 22nd August.

It seems I can’t do it alone; need to cooperate with others for all of us to have an equal size square each: Sanumaya tries to make a square in Broken Squares exercise on 22nd August.

This is my story of nonviolence: Sushila, Neelam, Kedar and Suman share their stories of nonviolence in group on 21st August.

 And, we laugh a lot: Participants playing House and Tenants game on 21st August.

Noticing and being open to Transforming Power: Suman (left) and Saraswati (right) are discussing about Transforming Power queries. Saraswati works in a safe your same as Sanumaya and Rekha.