Peacebuilding en Las Américas

Colombian Adolescents Take AVP Workshops

by Monica Maher, PLA Initiative Coordinator

In Colombia, Franciscan Sister Patricia Duque very successfully continued AVP workshops with adolescent children of ex-combatants in economically marginalized communities plagued by gangs, criminal networks and domestic violence.  She co-facilitated an AVP Basic in a public high school in Granada, Antioquia on September 12-13 for a group of 18 students who want to be mediators, an Advanced on October 24-26 for 18 students ages 14-19 in Libano, Tolima, an area ravaged by the war, and the first part of a Basic on November 7 for 39 third-graders of the Franciscan Palermo School in Medellín.  Patricia and colleagues are passionate about promoting AVP to build the next generation of leaders during this critical post-accord period, marked by ongoing assassinations of social activists and ever deepening national polarization.