Peacebuilding en Las Américas

Co-Madres Families of Disappeared Yearn for More Workshops

by Monica Maher, PLA Initiative Coordinator

Salomón Medina, National Coordinator,  co-facilitated an AVP Advanced Workshop with Co-Madres in San Rafael Cedros, Cuscatlán on September 13-14 .  Five women and two men participated, family survivors of those disappeared or killed during the warPhotos and testimonies available here. 

Participants commented: 

*   I learned to respect myself and I yearn for more of these workshops; I have felt really good and happy whenever you come, and I want to keep learning.

*   I learned a way to show my family that I love them; it has helped to release stress and other things. 

*   I  learned the meaning of four kinds of forgiveness.  I could remember my past sadness and have been able to resolve it. 

*   I have learned that it is nicer, more conscious, more interesting to treat the family and to those who surround me well, and in this way, to respond to intra-family violence. This has brought more unity, trust, friendship and communication between us.    

*   I have learned how to forgive, which unites me to my brothers, because we had been distant for a long time due to a conflict.

*   I learned how to understand others in order to be able to know how to forgive those who cause harm, and to be forgiven.