African Great Lakes 

Children’s Peace Library / July 2020

Prepared by MUHAWENIMANA Francine, Libraries Coordinator

This is BUGESHI children’s peace library,  children respect social distancing (Rubavu)


Reading in library
Boys : 15
Girls : 13

Borrowing books
Boys: 4
Girls: 5
Total: 9
4 Parents also borrowed the books for their children

02/07: Visit Burera children’s peace library, Francine and Pascal (last volunteer) went to visit this new library in Burera. We met the new librarian Angelique and PDD Coordinator. We talked about how the library could work in this period of COVID-19  

20/07: Visit Kigali public library. Due to COVID-19,  all services in this library  are closed. They only receive parents who come to borrow books for their children.  


Reading in Library
Girls: 20

6 Parents borrowed books for their children

Librarian started mobilization in the village that the library is there


No reading in library

17 children borrowed books
27 Parents also borrowed books for their children

After registration and evaluation of books, we find that Gicumbi has 3,201 books for children and 1,530 for adults


Reading in Library
Boys: 17
Girls: 14
Total: 31

No borrowing

This month with help of Library and few people we made vegetable garden for one poor family in the village.


Reading in library
Total: 56

Men :28
Women and Girls :24

By respecting rules of COVID-19, children play different game in library after reading (Kanzenze)


  • Not enough books. We need more books in Kinyarwanda and English for children (Burera)
  • Need some materials such as chairs, washing hands and sanitizer (Burera)
  • Some parents and children don’t know how to take care of the books (in rural area)
  • Some times the children come more and we are not able to receive them because of the COVID-19 rules (we need to respect social distancing)
  • Some books were not handled properly


  • As we did last time, we need to exchange books with other libraries (For example Kigali children’s peace library we have more books, we can exchange with others libraries).
  • Need  materials to repair the books (Like Scotch , UHU stic, etc)

In Kanzenze few people, librarian and children built kitchen garden for poor family in Village  during this Covid-19 time.

 By respecting rules of COVID-19, children play different game in library after reading (Kanzenze)