African Great Lakes 

Children’s Peace Library in Rwanda

By Transformational Leadership Center (TLC)

The students enjoyed comeback in the library after second lockdown in Kigali

At the Kigali Children’s Peace Library,  42 students (24 Girls and 18 Boys) participated in peer mediation training via zoom from February 13-14. These students were from different schools in Kigali but most of them were from George Fox Primary School. There was also a read aloud training via zoom on February 3 and 17. 

At the Bugeshi children peace library, librarians from Bugeshi participated in read aloud training and literacy on February 3rd and 17th.

At the Kanzenze children peace library, librarians from Kanzenze  visited  the school which is called NYAMIRANGO  Primary School, and discussed with the headmaster about how the students can come to the library more. Also, the headmaster asked for the peer mediation training because he said that there is more conflict between children in this school. There was a Peer Mediation training at Kanzenze primary school from February 16-18 with student participants from P4, P5 and P6. The total number were 50 students (30 Girls, 20 Boys). 

My Name is GANJI Bruno, I am a student in primary 5 at Inyange primary school and I am 12 years old. I like to come to the Gicumbi Children Peace Library and I read many books.One of the books I have read is  called “COW.” In this book, I learned how cows live: early in the morning, the guards go to the farmhouse to take the cow to the farm and when the school bus comes for the children, the tanker arrives for the milk and slowly the morning passes.

My Name is NIYONKURU Fabrice, I am 11 years old, and a student in primary 5 at Gacurabwenge primary school. I read a book that is called “THE GIRL WHO LOVED WILD HORSES”. It is about  a girl in the village who loved horses and she understood them in a special way. She wanted to live among the wild horses. Once again the girl rode beside the spotted stallion. They were proud and happy together but she did not forget her people. Each year she would come back and she always brought her parents a colt.

I am UWINGENEYE Viollette,  I am 12 years old and a student in p5 at Gacurabwenge. I read the book called “ INZIRA Y’AMAHORO”  or THE WAY OF PEACE.  What I have learned in this book is how I can live with my friends or my peers in peace without conflict.


The man on the left is called NDAMAGE Emmanuel, he is 29 years old, he finished his studies at the University of Rwanda in the department of Sociology. He said “I like to read the books but my favorite books are Psychology books. Here in this library I read more books but I am going to share two books with you: CRIME AND PUNISHMENT and DRUGS AND THE BRAIN. I learned how law punishes crime and I learned the general notion of what is presently known about the major psychoactive drugs and how they act upon the brain to influence behavior and how scientists have used drugs as probes that yield novel and exciting insights into brain function.”

The man on the right is called RUKUNDO Samuel, he is 28 and he finished studying  environmental studies. He said, “I read the book that is called NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: THE TALLEST TREES.”  He was surprised to read that in the world there are trees which are more than 100 meters tall. 

Peer Mediation Training on Zoom.  The participants enjoyed playing games in peer mediation workshop

Some students take the books at home (Kanzenze)