African Great Lakes 

Children’s Peace Libraries / January 2020

Students George Fox Learning Computers in Library. Boys: 49, Girls: 38, Total: 87 children

On January 25, 2020, Umuganda peace Labyrinth, 17 students, one teacher and one headmaster from George fox primary school, Francine, Susan, Clive and Julius  built the labyrinth and walked it saying the prayer of peace. From January 27-29,  eight people (4 librarians and 4 Staff of TLC) participated in the Labyrinth workshop. 

From January 27-29, participants attended a labyrinth training at Kigali Peace Library. On January 31, they received the visitors, drew the labyrinth together, and walk in. Additionally, 1106 books delivered to Kabumba new library those books were from Kanzenze Peace library.

On January 31, 2020, Clive, Susan and Francine visited the Rubavu Peace Library where they met 20 students from Kanzenze primary school with one teacher and four parents. All of those peoples built a labyrinth together and walked in saying peace prayer.