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Creating Cultures of Peace Transformation Workshop Receives Community Support in the Philippines

Balay Kahimsog, Baclayon, Bohol, Philippines

Creative Play storytelling and presentation. Photo: Doris D Obena

The Creating Cultures of Peace: Personal Transformation Workshop on November 19-23, 2019, was warmly received by the community. Fifteen participants came from different cities, municipalities, and backgrounds. Their communities, offices, and institutions realized that practicing the tools of peace is crucial to a peaceful person, workplace, and society. The incredible support and contributions towards organizing this workshop is a testament to the community’s hope for and commitment to peace in the Philippines.

Balay Kahimsog (House of Wellness) operated by Visayas Primary Healthcare, a regional NGO in the Philippines, opened its center as the venue for the workshop at a discounted rate. The accommodation team fully understood the need to serve home-cooked, natural food during the training. They carefully paid attention to the dietary needs of the participants.

The owners of Atbang’s Bolhigh, a shop for School Supplies, generously donated art materials for use during the workshop. The participants had a wide range of choices on which art medium to use in open play and training breaks. The group decided to artistically enhance the cooperative agreement cloth poster. Some families lent toys for use during the workshop. We borrowed most of the dolls and stuffed toys used at the dramatic play center.

Caring Carrie (Carrie Tharan) hosted a poetry reading night at her house in the evening of the Trauma Resiliency day. It was the first time some of the participants ever attended a poetry reading. They were surprised to experience how poetry reading can be very entertaining and healing at the same time. The poems chosen were related to peace, the current national situation, and relationships.

Some friends also gave food and monetary support for the workshop. The outpouring of community support for the event clearly showed that goodness and generosity abound all over. The peace workshops conducted in the Philippines since 2013 are now reaping the benefits of increasing support and following.