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Personal Transformation in Jayapura, Papua

Presented by Novince Margarita Selly, aka Natural Novi, written by Petrus

Holei Roo Orphanage 31 Juli 2020. Sint Sukacita’s Photo

The tools of Creating Culture of Peace (CCP) helped me transform my personal life. Before I joined CCP, I used to cut people off when they were speaking. In February 2020, I got to know these tools from Dorthea Rumere (Thea). I continued with the online training called “Personal Transformation.” It strengthened me to be a good listener. It’s amazing how much difference a simple thing like good listening can make.

Stopping was one of the tools that really helped me. I was a “super active” person, but after practicing I became a calm and more focused person. My husband, Sint Aidit Tokoro, said that I have changed a lot. “Now, Novi is a calmer person. Before joining CCP, she was often angry and screamed loudly and also slammed things near her. And, yeah right now, Novi has success in managing her emotions,” he said.

The process of transforming is a tough challenge for me. I have to change my habits. At first, I tried to endure annoyances, but after often practicing stopping, listening, and not interrupting, it turned out to be more fun to listen to people.

From left: Novi Natural, Anis Arif, Beto Baik, Stefen Semangat, Hermanus Humble. Novi’s photo

I want to continue to practice these simple tools in my daily life, at home and in public. I want to try to share Creating Cultures of Peace with anyone and anywhere.

After attending the Personal Transformation online workshop for three months, I will practice our agreement to create culture of peace in my life:

  • Affirm self and others; no put downs or put ups.
  • Stop, listen, don’t interrupt.
  • Make friends not enemies with people similar to and different from yourself.
  • Volunteer yourself only, not others.
  • Use your rights to pass and to ask for consultation.
  • Speak one’s own experience, not others’ without permission.
  • Tend to emotion, then speak directly if in dispute.
  • Live in integrity with life’s transforming power.

Holei Roo Orphanage, Sentani, Jayapura, July, Sint Sukacita’s Photo

I am very happy and grateful to have the opportunity to know CCP. Thanks to Thea for introducing me to Peace Place Pati through which I was able to attend online training.

Thea and I are committed to practicing and sharing this approach. Since 22 June 2020, every Friday afternoon for 1.5 hours we practice with 30 children at the Holei Roo Orphanage, which in the Sentani language means Caring Father. We also practice with 24 Indonesian Bethel Church (GBI) Nafiri Sion Youth in Sentani, Jayapura. We have been integrating the CCP approach into routine activities of spiritual guidance.

This is the example of the 1.5-hour agenda that we made:

Agenda for Session

Romans 12:18, as a basis for building a culture of peace: “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” Values: Appreciate personalities and listen to others.

Greetings (recalling the reading of God’s Word a week ago)
Opening: Name and one thing about me
Agenda Preview
Affirming Words
Big Wind Blows
Closing: Prayer

We use the same agenda format for activities such as Core Self and Follow My Expression. I now believe that peace is possible and everyone can do it.