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Creating Cultures of Peace in Korea

Excerpted news from Park Jungjoo

Park Jungjoo joined seven other peace and justice activists to meet every other week over Skype. Each one translates one page of the Creating Cultures of Peace book into Korean for discussion. Then they try out the personal practices and group activities with a local companion and/or practice group for the coming two weeks. The one Taiwanese participant hopes to bring Cultures of Peace training to Taiwan, but she and Jungjoo would need financial support to do so.

We clarified that Creating Cultures of Peace is equivalent to an AVP Basic workshop, because the first six sessions, which we call Empowerment, follow the AVP-USA manual (1975, revised 2002). Every local AVP group, however, decides which manuals and workshops they recognize. We adapted the AVP Second Level workshop and special topic workshops for the needs of peace and justice workers, which vary from prison, school, youth or other community workshops. So it is considered an AVP adaptation. Since AVP is a practice, anyone should be pleased to participate in their local basic, advanced and special topic workshops before facilitating in a region.

Jungjoo is excited to start a practice group of 15 people in Jeju Island to meet for three three-hour sessions per month in July and August and then reassess. She is very excited to share what she is learning with her community. As she prepared the History and Road Map posters for the workshop, she realized that they are also part of making history with spreading and creating cultures of peace!

She thanks everyone who has supported and offered attention. She cannot imagine her life without it, and now thinks she’s on a path, and looking forward to the journey!

History of Creating Cultures of Peace utilizing the AVP Basic Workshop integrating Re-Evaluation Counseling (RC) and the knowledge of trauma recovery and developmental play, working with the Peacebuilding UK on the Power of Goodness and Peace Place in Pati, Indonesia July 2019.

Road Map of Personal and Social Transformation drawing on the AVP basic friendship, affirmation, communication and cooperation along side the trauma recovery and expanding the AVP advanced liberation from oppression and discerning a consensus of conscience in the settlement of disputes. July 2019.