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Cultures of Peace Empowerment Workshop in Gwang-Myeong City, Korea

By Park Jungjoo 

I was invited to facilitate a workshop for citizen peace and human rights activists in Gwang-Myeong City with Kyung-Ok, the AVP facilitator who invited Nadine Hoover last year. We worked together as a team, this time with 21 participants in a 3-day, residential Empowerment Workshop. When Nadine left Korea last year, I wondered whether they could continue what they learned from the Cultures of Peace training. But when we reconnected in this workshop, I could see they felt really empowered and motivated to continue learning and practicing the tools for creating cultures of peace in their lives.

It was really like a small miracle. We gave them some instructions on the tools and in the end they looked different and changed. They said they were grateful to learn about discharging emotion, good listening, being good companions, facing stories of violence, staying in one’s core self, taking good care of oneself, grounding and so on.

Wow! This is really great! I am happy to share this news with you. Please see the photos! And thank you again for what you have done for us here. The work for peace is hard work and supporting each other makes such a huge difference. Thank you.