Asia West Pacific – November 2018

Building a Team of Facilitators at Tondomulyo

By Petrus

Tondomulyo is a village whose population is Muslim. The majority of the people live from agriculture. If the rainy season is affected by floods or if the dry season is affected by drought, it deeply impacts the livelihood of the village. Even this year some farmers began to planting rice in the first week of November though there was little rain. Even though their land is on the edge of the Juwana river, they cannot use the river water, because the water is very salty from July to early November.

The level of difficulty in finding job causes young people and families to leave the village to go to work in big cities and off the island, which leaves many children to live with their mothers or grandmothers.

Front left : Petrus, Sunhadi, Wiwit. Back left : Waroh, Puji, Mar’ah, Rilly. The activities of Building a Team of Facilitators. Photographer: Zumrotun

Miftahul Huda is an educational foundation that currently manages an early childhood school with 76 children and Madrasah with 85 Children. The Miftahul Huda Foundation incorporated the AVP approach in their teaching in order to get children out of the habit of violence and give them an opportunity to practice new behavior. Another motivation for using the AVP approach in the school is for children to be trained in the importance of respecting diversity and differences from an early age.

AVP began in the foundation long ago, but was limited due to administrative issues.  Workshops to create a team of Facilitators began on November 3 and 10 where 7 people participated. Participants consisted of five teachers from Miftahul Huda Preschool and two people from Joglo Preschool.

Both workshops began with an affirmation and recalling of AVP activities. Then, facilitators walked participants through different team building activities and participants shared why they wanted to be an AVP Facilitator, their strengths and weaknesses as team members, and the right way to help me.

Then, the team contract session, AVP Approach, Road Map, Agreement, Transforming Power. To get to know each others more deeply, participants played the Big Wind Blows game. Participants will continue to meet every Saturday for 2.5 hours to continue team building and explore AVP material and make parenting material.