Asia West Pacific – November 13, 2018

Bokhee from Frontiers Korea visited Peace Place Pati

by Petrus

On November 13, 2018, Bokhee or Sahaja (Indonesian name) from Frontiers Korea visited Peace Place. She felt happy to be able to visit after her trip from Palu, Central Sulawesi.

Bokhee said that Peace Place is a comfortable place to play, that it is like a small paradise!  Bokhee saw the Joglo Preschool’s equipment, including the Unit Block. She was very interested in how Peace Place uses the Unit Block to support children’s development. Nanik and Petrus told her stories about the Unit Block, which are now being produced again by Peace Place.

Initially, Peace Place developed the Unit Block with Sukodono Crafts, but production stopped due to issues with insects. Buyer complained and returned the Unit Block because they were eaten by insects. Learning from this experience, craftsmen conducted trials by boiling wood before using it. In addition to continuing the production of Unit Block, Peace Place has a plan to complete a Unit Block guidebook and training modules.

Besides meeting the teachers and seeing the children’s equipment, Bokhee had a chance to meet a former Joglo studnet namely Nendra. Nednra studied at Joglo for 2 years. Currently, he is attends second grade at a local elementary school. He was happy to meet Bokhee and told her about a book he had read.

Nendra comes from a Muslim family. His mother chose Joglo Preschool because he needed special assistance due to dyslexia. At first, Nendra’s grandparents did not want to send him to Joglo because it was not Islamic based.

Bokhee, Nanik, and Nendra sitting in the Peace Place backyard, November 13, 2018. Photographer Petrus.

Petrus, Erni, Ninok, Bokhee (Sahaja), Evi. On November 13, 2018 at Peace Place, Photographer : Nanik.

But Eli, his mother explained to her extended family why Joglo was the school of choice for her child. Eli’s liked how the teachers kindly welcomed the kids with a smile, listened when the kids told stories, and gave students a choice in activities. Even when Feliz, a volunteer from Germany, was an apprentice at Joglo, Eli offered to host her and teach her about the life of a Javanese Muslim family. In addition, Eli also hoped that with the presence of foreigner in her family, her extended family could learn diverse ways of thinking so they would be more open to differences in ethnicity, religion, race and culture. As a result, Nendra’s grandparents no longer questioned his school. They even sent Nendra’s sister, Aisyah to attend Joglo. Aisyah is currently in her second year at Joglo.