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The Practice of Being Available and Prepared: Reflections from the Malaysia Visit February 3-10, 2020

By Kins Aparece, Bohol, Philippines

Street art in Kajang, Malaysia. 

 I left Semarang on the 3rd of February 2020.  Nadine and I were the last ones to leave Peace Place after the International Peace Training. She left for New York, and I went to visit Melanie in Malaysia. We were following up after the first basic AVP workshop July 2019 in Kuala Lumpur. This visit we:

  • Practiced creating cultures of peace with university students from Thailand and the Filipina migrant workers. (Read separate news story.)
  • Visited the Good Samaritan Soup Kitchen run by Sr. Fatima and Paul and Rebecca Sinnappan, AVP participants who support Melanie.  
  • Reflected on Melanie’s discernment of her peace focus and strategy for 2020.

 I feel it was very important to visit friends who support initiatives for peace.  We visited the Good Samaritan Soup Kitchen on the last day of the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration. It was also Thaipusam for the Hindus. Malaysia is a multiracial country. It is very natural for them to celebrate festivals together. Melanie and I helped serve breakfast to those who dropped by and interacted with other volunteers.

It was also a joy to visit Rebecca and Paul in Selangor. We had lunch by the Selangor River. When they told me it only takes thirty minutes by boat from Sumatra, Indonesia, to Malaysia through the river, my thoughts brought me to Mislan and friends in Barak Induk. We discussed the migration issues and their need for mentoring, community presence, and peace practices. They offered that Melanie can share her practices for peace through Power of Goodness events at the community center.

Melanie laid down her priorities for the year. We committed to continuing to meet as Good Companions and to conduct an AVP basic, advanced, and training for facilitators in Malaysia in 2020.