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In 1995 the Russian version of Lighting Candles in the Dark was taken to Grozny. By 2005, they had added Chechen and Russian stories and illustrations to the collection, which began The Power of Goodness Global Story Pool. Power of Goodness came under the care of Friends Peace Teams Asia West Pacific initiative in 2013 when Friends International Library closed. We continue to develop this story collection to support a broad-based peace movement to create cultures of peace. The Chechen Little Star psychologists founded a Power of Goodness teacher training program and continue to support its expansion. Friends Peace Teams supports the development of new stories, and shares in-depth training on nonviolence and reconciliation to strengthen the facilitation skills.

Russian interactions with foreigners are restricted. Therefore, we typically meet the Chechens outside of Russia. They appreciate the connections, since isolation breeds fear and distrust. Since English is quite limited, we rely on extensive interpretation and translation.

Peacebuilding UK supports six psychologists in Chechnya who offer Power of Goodness workshops to teachers, school counselors, family members and students. Friends Peace Teams connects them with more in-depth training to increase their knowledge and skill.

AVP-Ukraine spreads in-depth training and Peacebuilding UK supports dozens of Power of Goodness trainers to disseminate the message of peace and nonviolence through psychosocial workshops with teachers, librarians and people working with children.

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