Asia West Pacific – November 7, 2018

New AVP Group Meets in Busan, South Korea!

On November 1, 2018, Nadine and Jungjoo met with Pul’lip and Malgeun-Nunmul and twenty-six new members of AVP-Busan. They are new facilitators doing workshops in prisons and schools, from preschool through high school, and in the community. Many of them are also volunteer crisis counselors and are very familiar with the distresses in their society.

We were moved by the enthusiasm of the group, and asked ourselves:

  • How can we offer enough leadership and guidelines for best practices that encourage and include many people, rather than rules and restrictions that discourage or include?
  • Can we accept being an example ourselves to offer leadership to others, or do we avoid attention to ourselves and hide our leadership from view?
  • How can we let our lives shine while rejecting the tendency of others to put us on a pedestal? The AVP community faces many challenges in leadership.

We talked about how a good facilitator practices all the time–in times set aside for training and in daily life, in easy times and hard times. A good facilitator, however, develops in a receptive, curious, engaged group. If the group is hostile, closed and resistant to learning and change, we cannot deliver and develop our gifts of sharing the practices of peace and nonviolence.