Peacebuilding en Las Américas 

AVP Mini-Workshop held in Managua, Nicaragua

by Steve Gisel and Alfredo Ramos 

Reflections from Steve Gisel, AVP Facilitator, USA/Nicaragua

The mini-workshop in Managua, Nicaragua on July 14, 2019 went very well! The group gave in to the process and there were very authentic conversations. Although we did not manage to do all the activities that we had planned, I felt that Alfredo, Harold and I communicated very well and we agreed with the changes we made during the workshop. Alfredo impressed me with his energy and passion, but he also trusted the process and did not try to do too much. Sometimes it is even harder to facilitate a group of people who know you, but he seemed like a veteran of many workshops! Harold had a lot of patience waiting for us to start and he also impressed me with his ability to facilitate the exercises and connect with the participants in both English and Spanish.

It was hard to get the group together so we only had about 2 and a half hours instead of the 4 hours we initially thought. That is one of the difficulties of the mini-workshops: you start with little time and many times it is reduced even more by some unforeseen events. We overcame it with enough patience and I think that it actually helped us build trust with the group because we spent several hours with most people talking and talking before starting.

It was a pleasure and blessing for me to meet and facilitate with Alfredo and, as always, with Harold. I hope there is the opportunity to collaborate again with AVP El Salvador!

Reflections from Alfredo Ramos, AVP Facilitator El Salvador

Thanks Steve for such a pleasant and successful evaluation of the Managua 2019 mini-workshop.  This experience facilitating my first workshop was fascinating. There were 12 participants. It was a very particular group, representing three different nationalities, namely: Nicaragua, El Salvador and the United States. The mini-workshop was conducted in a bilingual way – English and Spanish – and most participants were affected by the violence in El Salvador, Nicaragua and the USA.

I liked the way Harold, Steve and myself got together and worked as a team without any inconveniences. I appreciated their initiative in bringing all the teaching materials, and their spontaneous way of helping us in the language. Both Harold and Steve had a beautiful mastery of both languages, which was an unprecedented experience for me.

Personally, I thank Harold and Steve for their support in this mini-workshop, I have learned a lot from them. Thank you for being patient and waiting both at our initial meeting and on the day of the workshop.

Thank God the purpose of the mini-workshop was achieved, the participants left wanting more and learned about Transforming Power in a very short time.

I hope we will facilitate more complete workshops in the future. My heart is satisfied and ready to continue AVP workshops in Nicaragua and El Salvador, and wherever God sends us!