Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples

Friends Peace Teams (FPT) is pleased to announce that it has taken under its care, with both spiritual and administrative support, the ministry of Paula Palmer, Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples (TRR). FPT commits to supporting Paula to continue minding the Light through her ministry of working with Native and non-Native communities to build relationships based on truth, respect, justice and our shared humanity.

Given the grave history of violence and broken promises by European Americans in North America for hundreds of years and the ongoing injustices to this day, these are no easy tasks of repair.

Over the past seven years Paula has developed several workshops and trained more than 100 Native and non-Native facilitators who have provided more than 300 workshops nationwide. She works closely with Ojibway attorney Jerilyn DeCoteau and the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition, urging all Christian denominations to support Native communities as they work to heal the wounds suffered by generations of Native people in church-operated Indian boarding schools. Through its workshops and trainings, Toward Right Relationship with Native People encourages faith communities, schools, colleges, and civic organizations to acknowledge and honor the history, presence, and contributions of Indigenous Peoples. Learn more about their great work at

The queries at the heart of this ministry are, what would right relationship look like, and how can we take steps now in that direction? Friends Peace Teams (FPT) is a Spirit-led organization that develops long-term relationships with communities in conflict around the world to work for peace, healing and reconciliation and to create enduring cultures of peace. We integrate spiritual conviction with action, mutually discerning where the work is alive with Spirit and braiding together love, integrity and justice. We provide opportunities for people across all life stages, economic conditions and cultures to develop their gifts and follow callings to peace work. Our Friends Peace Teams organization operates in the manner of Friends.

Friends Peace Teams carries on the long tradition of Friends to develop a peaceful world, one without wars and violence, by acknowledging that there is that of God in every person. FPT visits and partners with people in countries, regions, and communities threatened with violence and conflict. FPT is on the cutting edge of dealing with the psychological and emotional needs of people who are the victims or perpetrators, or both, of violence. We welcome the long-standing, important work of Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples and the many people throughout North America dedicated to this important work and relies on your support to keep this work alive.