African Great Lakes 

Alice Nkorerimana Shares About HROC with the Buterere Peace and Democracy Group

Alice Nkorerimana is the PGD leader in the middle

Since 2010 election period, HROC program introduced the Buterere Peace and Democracy Group (PDG) in Buterere. We were 18 active members. Little by little some members left due to the election crisis happening in 2010 and again in 2015. Some left the area when others were caused them to be afraid for their security. Today, 10 of them remain active and we are in good collaboration with local authorities. We continue to be IPB-HROC representatives or focal points, dealing mainly with trauma healing as community healing companions, nonviolent conflict managers and social cohesion advises.

We appreciate how far we are in sensitizing peaceful coexistence mainly by approaching new security agent who are periodically deployed in our zone. The HROC program workshop and peaceful conflict management is one of the strategy used to reintegrate them in our peace activities and way of showing who we are in matter of peace in our zone. It’s through sharing our testimonies that the confidence between security agent and civilians become a reality.

Learn more about IBP/HROC’s collaboration with Buterere Peace and Democracy Group (PDG). They conducted peace dialogues in Buterere zone following the 2015 elections crisis in Bujumbura. These peace dialogues aimed at improving collaboration between locally elected Quarter Heads from the ruling party and opposition on one hand and the another hand the peaceful coexistence of political parties opposed to the 3rd term of the president.