Bududa Learning Center’s mission statement:
“To teach skills for jobs to the poorest of poor young adults in Bududa through our ‘Bududa Vocational Academy’; To assist impoverished orphans to cope with life through our ‘Children of Bududa’; and To provide small business loans to poor women through our ‘Women’s Microfinance Bududa.’”

Bududa Learning center is located on Mt. Elgon, one of the poorest areas of Uganda. It houses the Bududa Vocational Academy, where young adults are trained in trades and vocational skills so they will be able to get a job, helping lift themselves and their families out of poverty. The “Children of Bududa” program is a sponsorship program that aims to provide support for local orphans and vulnerable children. In addition to these programs, the Bududa Learning Center maintains a microfinance project, where women are able to take loans to support and develop their businesses.

To learn more about Bududa Learning Center’s programs, see their website at http://bududa.org.

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