TCSC’s mission statement:
“Transforming Community for Social Change (TCSC) works to resolve violent conflicts by interceding as quickly as possible and training local community people in peacemaking, trauma healing, and social reconciliation programs in order to revolve and heal the community. TCSC works at the grassroots community level and stays involved with those communities over an extended period of time.”

TCSC works to prevent and respond to violence and conflict throughout Kenya. One way TCSC responds to conflict is by facilitating listening sessions, where the sides of conflict can come together and share their sides of the story. TCSC facilitates HROC workshops throughout Kenya and has recently started a program to offer HROC workshops in women’s prisons. TCSC also does AVP trainings in Kakuma refugee camp and among other communities in Kenya. TCSC also maintains a network of trained citizen reporters who have reported on the recent elections as well as instances of violence in their communities. These reports go to a call-in center, which allows TCSC to respond rapidly to areas of conflict or potential violence.

To learn more about TCSC and its projects, see their website at https://transformingcommunitiesforsocialchange.wordpress.com.