FWA’s mission statement:

“FWA’s mission is to provide a comprehensive health care to women and their families, to promote women’s leadership and autonomy and to strengthen peace and solidarity in Kamenge, a slum in Bujumbura and in other communities of Burundi.”

FWA is a women-led organization that is dedicated to empowering women living in a conflict/post-conflict environment to help each other and build a better future for themselves and their families by addressing both their physical and psychosocial health needs. As a consequence of long-term conflict, these women experience many difficult challenges such as poverty, gender-based violence, high rates of HIV/AIDS, inadequate medical care, and post-conflict trauma.

To address these challenges, FWA opened the Ntaseka clinic. The clinic provides free and low-cost healthcare to women and their families, and contains a laboratory to conduct medical tests and a pharmacy to dispense medications. The clinic provides HIV testing and pre-and-post-test counseling and runs a program called “Caring for HIV Positive People” to support HIV+ people medically, psychosocially, and economically. The clinic aims to decrease HIV/AIDS transmission and impact by providing education and sensitization workshops and early testing, diagnosis, and treatment.

The clinic also runs the “Action Against Gender-Based Violence” program that facilitates workshops in Bujumbura as well as throughout Burundi, the “Link Up” program that focuses on youth reproductive health, the “Improving Women’s Reproductive Health” program that facilitates educational workshops about birth control, and the “Rape Survivors Support” program that empowers survivors to reintegrate into the community by provided psychosocial support as well as connecting survivors in self-help groups. Additionally, the clinic facilitates community trauma-healing and reconciliation workshops.

To learn more about FWA and their programs, as well as for a virtual tour of their clinic, see their website at http://www.fwaburundi.com.

Burundi has been plagued by a history of brutal civil war and continues to experience periods of political unrest and violence. To promote peace during the 2015 election controversy, IPB/HROC-Burundi organized peace dialogues both at the community and larger levels to bring together local leaders from various political parties. In addition, IPB/HROC-Burundi holds numerous HROC workshops and has developed a program for implementing HROC in schools. Since 2015, IPB/HROC-Burundi has trained over 4,000 people.

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