Peacebuilding en Las Américas – March 2019

Advanced Workshop in Zacamil, El Salvador

AVP El Salvador held an Advanced Alternatives to Violence Project workshop in Zacamil, El Salvador in early March. This workshop marked a continuation from two previous basic workshops with the Community Church of Faith and Adoration, which works in three different communities dealing with gang violence.

The themes chosen for this workshop were: 1) tolerance in the family and community; 2)  the art of coexistence with the family and community. 

“I learned tolerance and coexistence. I liked resolving conflicts in six steps and whispered affirmations. I learned to brainstorm and have positive responses. I now know that I have value for others. This workshop has meant an opportunity to develop as a person, to coexist with different types of people, love them and respect them.”

“The truth is that for me everything helped. I want to put Transforming Power into practice everyday, in any place. I liked all the different topics that were developed will make me a better person. I personally know that it will help me with my daily life, I will try to put Transforming Power into practice since it will change me as a person.”

“What I learned is that I must recognize the triggers that I have in my life to be able to act in a better way in the moment. I liked getting to know better the people who were in this workshop. This workshop meant a lot to me to learn how to act and assess the situations that happened and how to resolve the conflicts that we have in a more effective way.”

“I learned to look for a non-violent solution with others, to think before reacting in my life, it meant for me to be like in a class to control our feelings.”

“What I learned was positive personal affirmation and towards others, I liked to exercise empathy because in doing it I identified with others, resolving conflicts in 6 steps helped me a lot.”