Accountant Specialist /
Office Manager

Friends Peace Teams seeks an Accounting Specialist to work in the St. Louis office. The salary is $15 per hour and the job is expected to be approximately 15 to 20 hours per week. The computer software used by Friends Peace Teams includes Quickbooks, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and GiftWorks. Previous accounting experience is required, and experience with any of these packages or similar software is a definite plus. For more information, see the job description below.

Who We Are

Friends Peace Teams is a Spirit-led Quaker organization working around the world to develop long-term relationships with communities in conflict to create programs for peacebuilding, healing and reconciliation. FPTs programs build on extensive Quaker experience, combining practical and spiritual aspects of conflict resolution.

Job Description

The Accounting Specialist should be able to work on his/her own, be proficient with administrative software, and be organized and work in a timely manner. The software used by Friends Peace Teams includes Quickbooks, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and GiftWorks.

The office staff members are supervised by the Friends Peace Teams Council, represented by the Friends Peace Teams Treasurer.

  • Make bank deposits including:
    • scan or copy donor checks
    • enter donations in financial software (Quickbooks)
    • enter donations in donor database (Giftworks)
    • create deposit reports to file and send to treasurer and initiative coordinators
    • write thank-you notes to donors (unless they will be completed by volunteers)
  • Fill out requests for payments (disbursements) by check or by wire.
    • enter disbursements into financial software
    • create disbursement requests to file and send to treasurer for payment and to initiative coordinators for information
    • Disbursement requests include: payroll and federal/state tax withholding payments, bills from vendors and contractors, reimbursements to employees and volunteers, disbursements of designated funds to initiatives and other organizations.
  • Maintain accounting system and record transactions
  •  Inform Treasurer when funds need to be transferred between bank accounts to maintain needed balance
    • create, edit, and delete accounts in financial software as needed
    • reconcile bank accounts monthly
  • Maintain donor database including:
    • add, edit, and delete donors as needed
    • maintain donation history, contact information, mailing lists, and mailing labels
  • Check and respond to phone, email, & mail
    • respond to or route correspondence as appropriate
  • Send out literature as requested
  • File all important documents
  • Maintain archives of newsletters and appeals.
  • Produce monthly financial reports for Finance Committee. After approval forward to Board and Council.
  • Assist or handle routine office matters, and assist committees with administrative needs
  • Participate in at least some of the monthly conference calls for 1) Board and Council and 2) Finance Committee
  • Clean, maintain, and organize workspace as needed
How To Apply

Send resume, no later than December 31, by email (preferred) to or by postal mail to Friends Peace Teams, 1001 Park Avenue, St. Louis MO 63104. Interviews will begin near the first part of January, 2019.

If questions, call Roy Zatcoff at (215) 760 8273, or email