Friends Peace Teams Council


Clerks, Tom Martin, Intermountain YM and Nancy Shippen, New England YM
Recording Clerk, Clarkson Palmer, Philadelphia YM and and Marybeth Neal, Northern YM
Treasurer, Mark Hoover, Lake Erie YM
Assistant Treasurer, Caroline Marti, South Central YM

Council Staff

Accounting Specialist, Barbara Todd, Illinois YM


Nominating Clerk, Cecilia Yocum, Southeastern YM
Yearly Meeting Representatives Clerk, Nancy Shippen, New England YM
Governance Clerk, Adrian Bishop, Baltimore YM
Finance Clerk, Ann Dusseau, Intermountain YM
Personnel Clerk, Val Liveoak, South Central YM
Communications Clerk, John Michaelis, Australia YM
Fundraising Clerk, John Skinner, Northern YM and Nancy Shippen, New England YM

African Great Lakes Initiative People

Working Group

Clerk, Sue Nowelsky, New York YM
Recording Clerk, Laurie Bizimana, New York YM
Treasurer, Jonathan Vogel-Borne, New England YM
Rachel Madenyika
Parfaite Ntahuba
Andrew Peterson
Peter Serete


Coordinator, David Bucura, Rwanda YM
Communications Specialist, Anne Hutchinson, Ohio Valley YM

Peacebuilding en las Américas People

Asia West Pacific People

Working Group

Clerk, Fenna Mandolang, New York YM
Recording Clerk, Valerie Joy, Australia YM
Treasurer, Josh Albertson, Northern YM
Treasurer, Jane Drexler, Australia YM
Coordinator, Nadine Hoover, New York YM
Coordinator, John Michaelis, Australia YM
Communications Specialist, Nadine Hoover, New York YM
Nepal Contact, Subhash Kattel
Philippines Contact, Kins Aparece
Korea Contacts, Park Jungjoo, and Chuck Esser, Philadelphia YM
Aotearoa/NZ Contact, Rosie Remmerswaal, Aotearoa/NZ YM
Power of Goodness Contact, Chris Hunter, Peacebuilding UK, Britain YM


Indonesia Coordinators, Petrus and Nanik, Javanese Mennonite Church

Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples

Coordinator, Paula Palmer, Boulder Friends Meeting
Coordinator, Jerilyn DeCoteau, Turtle Mountain Chippewa

Yearly Meeting Representatives

Australia YM, Jane Drexler
Baltimore YM, Bob Rhudy
Illinois YM, Debra Penna-Fredericks
Intermountain YM, Tom Martin
Iowa YM, Sonja Sponheim
New England YM, Nancy Shippen
New York YM, Shirley Way
North Carolina YM, Kathy Adams
North Pacific YM, Steven Aldrich
Northern YM, John Skinner
Ohio Valley YM, Frank Huss
Pacific YM, Gay Howard
Philadelphia YM, Clarkson Palmer
South Central YM, Shelley Cotten and Val Liveoak
Southeastern YM, Cecilia Yocum
Southern Appalachian YM & Association,
Sallie Prugh and Jack Willis