Our Approach

Friends Peace Teams is a Spirit-led organization working to develop long-term relationships with communities in conflict around the world to create programs for peace building, healing and reconciliation.

We travel and visit with a concern for peace in difficult places–geographically, politically, and emotionally. Wherever we go, we bring people together from different backgrounds, orientations, affiliations, ethnicities, religions, and ages. We contribute to healing the effects of trauma and deprivation in their many forms across boundaries.

We work in solidarity and parity, listening to and sharing our experiences, not working or teaching from an agenda. To honor the dignity of every person and support local peace workers, we exchange experience through active, experiential methods. We work grassroots to grassroots to deconstruct historical legacies of racism, exploitation and oppression to preserve peace.

We believe there is good in everyone and we each have the inner capacity to heal. Both victims and perpetrators of violence experience trauma and its after-effects. For healing and empowerment, we seek to share the inner goodness and wisdom of each person. This rebuilds trust.

We aim to integrate spiritual conviction with action and develop a standard for spiritual accountability. We pay attention to the immeasurable, discern where our work is alive with spirit, and braid love, truth and justice together.

We believe there is good in everyone and we each have the inner capacity to heal.


Quakers from several North American Yearly Meetings established Friends Peace Teams in 1993. After witnessing the suffering in Bosnia and Herzegovina, they wanted to make every Friends Meeting and Church a center of peace and reach out to people suffering from war and violence everywhere.

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Friends Peace Teams Organizational Chart Spring 2021

The Council is the coordinating body of Friends Peace Teams (FPT). It supports Quaker peace ministries and programs. The membership is comprised of representatives from Quaker Yearly Meetings in North America and Australia and members-at-large who meet via a monthly conference call and an annual gathering in the United States. Committees prepare agenda items and carry out tasks of the Council. Committees include Peace Ministries, Yearly Meeting Representatives, Finance, Communications, Fundraising, Governance and Personnel Committees.

The Council recognized Friends with a deep concern for peace in places where violent legacies of civil war, genocide and systemic violence perpetuate social inequality and injustice. Working Groups and programs initially supported these Friends, then developed their own outreach, relationships and commitments to peace work in these regions and programs:

Our Finances

Friends Peace Teams’ budget is raised from donations by individuals and groups, plus occasional, small grants. Dedicated volunteers on the Council and Working Groups and minimal staff allow peace workers and funds to focus on peace ministries.
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Our People

Yearly Meeting Representatives

Australia YM, Jane Drexler
Baltimore YM, Richard Thayer, Bob Rhudy
Intermountain YM, Tom Martin
Iowa YM (Conservative), Peter Clay
New England YM, Nancy Shippen, Minga Claggett-Borne
New York YM, David Fletcher
North Pacific YM, Ann Dusseau, Steven Aldrich, Kat Northup
Northern YM, John Skinner, Janet Anderson
Pacific YM, Stephen McNeil
Philadelphia YM, Clarkson Palmer, Roy Zatcoff, Debbie Wood
South Central YM, Shelley Cotten, Val Liveoak
Southeastern YM, Cecilia Yocum
Southern Appalachian YM & Association, Jack Willis

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