Friends Peace Teams is a 501c3 organization, registered with the state of New York. Our administrative office is now located in St. Louis, MO. We are supported entirely by our donors, though we have received grants occasionally in the past. We believe it is important to put as much money as possible toward the work our organization is dedicated to doing and so very little money is spent on administrative expenses. The part-time administrative persons we do have in our office are paid a fair wage, as we believe is our moral obligation. Some of our initiatives also have part-time administrative help who are also paid a fair wage in line with the respective countries in which they reside.

Below are copies of our audits in addition to the federal form 990. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

Audit Report for Fiscal Year 2017

Audit Report for Fiscal Year 2016

Federal Form 990 for 2015

Audit Report for Fiscal Year 2015

Federal Form 990 for 2014

Audit Report for Fiscal Year 2014

Audit Report for Fiscal Year 2013

Audit Report for Fiscal Year 2012

The Finance Committee has been discussing and evaluating methods to provide more financial reporting transparency to donors and others who desire additional financial information regarding the use of funds by Friends Peace Teams.  We feel the pie charts are an important step in providing additional reporting transparency. The numbers come from the Form 990 that we report to the IRS.

FPT Expenses 2015 Program Expenses 2015