AVP International World Gathering 2017

November 5-11, 2017
Kathmandu, Nepal

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From the AVP International Website:

World Gatherings

The AVP International World Gathering is our opportunity for face-to-face work together. We share the latest exercises and facilitation techniques, promote consistency and quality of programing and training in AVP throughout the world.

Our work together includes review of the core principles of AVP and education for the formation of transparent and sustainable programs. Together we discern the priorities for AVP International for the coming years.

As we celebrate the power of this work and exchange ideas, we make commitments to carry the wisdom gained back to our home groups. The connections that come out of the World Gathering enable us to carry on the business of AVP International across geographical distances and through the years, helping to build the infrastructure of AVP International so that regional and international committees can support the local groups that are the core of AVP. Participants in the World Gathering become part of the global AVP community through ongoing work with AVP International.

The 2017 Gathering

The AVP International World Gathering 2017 is returning to the Asia West Pacific region. We are working towards crafting this event to make a unique and rich experience for all AVP facilitators around the globe. The World Gathering will be held in Katnmandu, hosted by AVP Nepal, but we are hoping to be able to offer pre and post gathering activities not only in Nepal but also in other countries in the region including India.

Nepal will showcase a dynamic program which has integrated AVP into traditional education settings. Our hosts will also share how the AVP community was able to promote resilience following a devastating earthquake and provide opportunities to facilitate local workshops in the weeks before and/or after the Gathering.

Nepal was chosen as the setting to support AVP in the Asia West Pacific Region, which last hosted the gathering in 2004. Consideration was given, among others, to the existence of a strong host committee, the availability of visas and an appropriate venue, and moving the gathering around the globe in successive years to give facilitators from each region opportunities to attend.

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