Peacebuilding en Las Américas

2nd AVP Advanced Workshop Online in Latin America

by Salomón Medina 

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Psychological and spiritual support is expanding through ever proliferating online AVP workshops.  Participants include Hurricane survivors, women and adolescents living in situations of domestic violence, and others suffering from the stress of confinement, unemployment, and militarization of civil society.

With new workshops in January, national coordinators and colleagues have been involved in facilitating 10 Basic online workshops and 3 Advanced, with 170 Spanish-speaking participants from 15 countries: El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Brasil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Nicaragua, Panama, Cuba, USA, Spain and Germany.  Participants who are AVP facilitators plan to replicate the workshops with others, including a new team of AVP virtual facilitators in Cali, Colombia.  The enthusiasm is contagious with demand soaring.  – Monica Maher, PLA Initiative Coordinator

Testimonies and Feedback from Participants

I learned assertive communication, and I would like to put it into practice. I liked the themes because they lead us to PEACE, just one day a week. I want to thank and congratulate the team for making these spaces possible. For me, this workshop has great value and has been an immense contribution to my life since it is a space where I had the opportunity to recognize myself, accept myself and let go of situations that caused conflicts in my life and with my family. Thank you very much to all and many blessings.

Rosita Renacer, Ecuador

I learned that there are triggers in situations that happen and I want to put into practice responding assertively. What I liked about this workshop was the way we approached the objective because it was developed in a practical way. What I would change about this workshop would be the short break times. I really liked the workshop because I was able to learn and heal wounds. I have no doubt that it was all excellent. Thank you very much for the willingness of the facilitators and participants. For me, this workshop is very significant because I was asking God how to speak in an appropriate way and he is giving me tools to act assertively. The healing of past wounds is a great blessing. How good it was to share with you!

Lina Leal, Colombia

I learned the importance of addressing personal issues through the group objectives and putting into practice the ability to exercise forgiveness in different ways and use positive phrases. What I liked about this workshop was the way they did it: each one with their own stamp and how they treated the issues, from personal testimonies to a very caring way. What I would change about this workshop is perhaps to add some times. I would like to send thanks to those who carried it out. This workshop has meant many things to me, such as strengthening Latin American roots; revalue forgiveness, nonviolence, active listening and understanding of different situations.

Alexis Ayuda, Argentina

I especially will remember the dynamics of the triggers and the need to review values ​​that stand out to me at this time. I am determined to deepen processes of self-knowledge and healing. I liked everything: the group, the organization, the communion between the facilitators, the chemistry of joy and confidence, the dynamics … Being able to have carried out the six days, going deeper, even though I understand the need for facilitators. What steps do you follow to become a facilitator? For me, it is very important because I am preparing myself for a direct approach to the unconscious and it gives me elements of self-knowledge to arrive with patience and tranquility at this moment. The AVP just makes you want to keep doing it, especially because the group has a very good climate. It allows happiness and confidence. THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE FACILITATORS!

Jaqueline Jubilosa, Brazil

What I learned from this workshop and want to put into practice in my life is the management of my emotions and how to control the triggers and emotions in a nonviolent way. What I liked about this workshop is to forgive my inner child. Thanks to the workshop, I was able to Forgive myself and feel calm. I would not change anything about this workshop because it seemed cool to me: the dynamics, welcome, everything. That is the reason why I would not change anything about this workshop. I found the workshop very cool. For me, this workshop has meant a wonderful experience because I have learned new things that I did not know, and it motivates me to continue internalizing everything I saw in the workshop.

Samuel Sabio, Colombia

I learned whispered affirmations. I just liked this exercise. I had never had the opportunity to do it. I am always in the position of a therapist, which would change and perhaps the time. I have no doubts and I would only reinforce the subject of forgiveness a little more to have a better concept and be more effective. It helped me to think about what I received from this last whispering exercise.

Belinda Bondadosa, Honduras

I learned about triggers. It was new and interesting for me. The whispered phrases were a shocking experience for me. I honestly would not change anything. It was very organized. I congratulated them because I am very motivated to investigate more about the topics touched. In the phrases whispered, I had a great experience in being able to feel the humanity; the fact that Jaqueline shines with a light that is felt, and realizing that we all have it in one way or another too. I am very happy.

Mercedes Maravillosa, Honduras

I learned that assertive communication is possible as well as forgiveness, healing, the management of emotions, self-knowledge, the formation of conscience and the experience of values. I liked that assertive communication is possible. I liked sharing with everyone, the connection with the group, the trust, the security and clarity of the facilitating group, and the proposal of the topics. I really liked the workshop, especially the spaces to share and the time that is given to deepen. I do not feel that anything should be changed. Thank you very much for these spaces. It was a space of a lot of healing, of making me aware of many things to continue healing.

Karina Capáz, Colombia

I learned the importance of self-knowledge, especially in what triggers me. I enjoyed the intercultural experience, listening to the different accents, the opportunity to learn and commit to myself. Also, it reinforced in me the need for self-knowledge and self-control.

Karen Esther Esperanza, Honduras

I learned to break the vicious cycles by putting into practice what we learned and recognizing the positive and negative factors that cause my behavior. I liked the excellent participation and transparency in giving the best for the benefit of the group. I would change if they had better measurement of time for the interaction When they divided us into small groups. I really like how they complemented each other as a team. It is a good outlet for our emotional problems and to improve our lives.

Mélida Metódica, Honduras

I learned the Triggers technique and about forgiveness. I liked the excellent facilitating team and the active listening and assertiveness. It is a very practical approach so that there is effective learning. I would change to include more exercises on assertiveness and basic personal rights. My experience in this workshop helped me to solve my problem of setting limits to prevent them from imposing things on me that I do not want to do and just as a courtesy to others I accept it. I am also self-examining myself much more, etc.

Interested Ivelisse, Honduras