Congratulations for Graduation!

Egi Legiatik and Suci Suherni graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education thanks to the generosity of Quakers, particularly New York Yearly Meeting’s World Ministries Committee. Having grown up in a war and exiled to the mountains with nothing, they saw the worst of humanity. For these women to graduate from college was a dream beyond any hope they could imagine. This also allows the community to keep control of the education of their own children and not have to import teachers or export their youngest children. it is a serious boost to these former refugees to know they were not forgotten by the world. Thank you to everyone who has given your support.

Last year the government required every preschool have a quotient of qualified teachers. Egi and Suci’s graduation means that Tunas Baru Preschool in Barak Induk will stay open. As they complete their degrees, they have reached out to Petrus, Friends Peace Teams Coordinator in Indonesia, to ask for support in organizing an Alternatives to Violence Project refresher.

They will join Nanik and Petrus in designing an Indonesian preschool curriculum and parenting program based on AVP. This supports peaceful, nonviolent training at the depths of society in Sumatra and Java. With transportation support, they can may work with the preschool program Friends Peace Teams initiated on the Mentawai Islands in West Sumatra last year.